LIVIC Joins in the CHINACOAT 2018

September 27, 2018
Latest company news about LIVIC Joins in the CHINACOAT 2018
LIVIC will join in the CHINACOAT 2018(4.-6.12.2018, Guangzhou), the biggest coating exhibition in China, to show automatic filters for coatings and polymers. Welcome to our Booth 3.1 B70.

During the production of coatings and polymers, the reaction usually brings some agglomeration and peeled pieces and fillings also agglomerate. The high viscous coatings and polymers with contaminants easily form a mushy thin filter cake which blocks the filter screen completely and results in high pressure drop and extreme low flow rate. The operator has to clean the screen frequently, which takes high labor cost and wastes valuable liquid. LIVIC's DFA series scraping self-cleaning filter can scrape the mushy filter cake off the screen surface, push it down into the bottom dirty collection chamber and then regenerate the screen filtration ability. The collected contaminants are purged out timely. No filtration interruption during self-cleaning.

LIVIC is the famous specialized filtration company offering advanced and reliable automatic self-cleaning filters which are widely used in many famous coating and polymer companies.

Exhibition Name: CHINACOAT2018
Exhibition Time : 4-6.12.2018
Exhibition Hall : Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex
Booth NO. : 3.1 B70

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